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Blog Mum makes WordPress easy! Even if you have no technical expertise or previous knowledge, you can blog with WordPress. Check out my Normal Person's Guide to WordPress (because there are no dummies or idiots around here) for some quick and easy tips on getting started.

I also cover blogging and social media-related topics: check in on Twednesdays for Twips on Twitter [that's enough twords... Ed.].

About Sue

Sue is the co-founder of TameBay, a blog for eBay sellers and ecommerce merchants. She has been blogging since before the word blog was invented, and now spends much of her day making WordPress do interesting things. Sue's personal blog, covering random interests from linguistics and mental health to LOLcats, is at SueBailey.net.

Sue has opinions about many things: she talked about eBay in the Telegraph, swore in the Guardian and talked about Twitter to the WSJ. It's now her ambition to say "bum" in the Mail.

Sue can be found in various other places, including Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, FriendFeed, last.fm, Stumbleupon, Digg and LinkedIn.

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